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Welcome Oxygen: What is the hazard?
Oxygen Safety Consultants, Inc. (OSC) is a company with a mission to take the mystery out of oxygen system safety. Also doing business as WHA International, Inc., OSC consultants provide training to educate users of oxygen; perform analysis and testing to help engineers design safer, more compatible and fire-resistant components and systems; and provide state-of-the-art analyses to determine the cause and origin of fires that have occurred in oxygen systems.

We have a client base that includes every industry that uses oxygen, from aerospace to military, from medical to scuba diving, from industrial gases to chemical processing, from metals refining to power generation. Whatever your need for oxygen systems, let us consult with you.

We are the oxygen experts.
Oxygen is an element with two outstanding properties: its ability to sustain life and its potency to support combustion. The first is desirable; the second can be deadly.
Oxygen fires occur in all industries

This becomes a problem if people don't understand the hazards behind oxygen systems or appreciate that oxygen fires are real! Oxygen Safety Consultants has the solutions to this problem. Give us a call.

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